Crystal Bowen


Crystal Bowen is the owner of Express Yourself Signs. She has owned and operated E.Y.S. for 15 years.  Crystal is originally from Colorado and moved to Flagstaff in 2002.  Crystal and her husband have been married for 37 years and have one daughter and 3 grand children. She is happily content with life as a business owner in Flagstaff Arizona.


The sign business has been a family trade of ours since 1946. At that time, signs were only hand lettered and sign painting was truly considered an art. Today, many of our family members still continue to work and own in this ever changing and exciting business. With computer technology, the sign business has changed greatly.  No longer is hand lettering common place and signs are now created faster, more precise and detailed than my ancestors could have imagined. My great-grandfather said to my father once. “No machine will ever be able to take the place of sign painting.”  Funny though, before he passed away, he was able to witness the first machine able to cut vinyl letters, the Gerber 4B.  Imagine how surprised and amazed he would be at what we can do with computers today such as graphics, vehicle wraps, wall decals, banners and much more!

Big Daddy and his truck in Fairvilla